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Understanding your guest personas is key to developing a marketing strategy that appeals to the right customers and leads to more bookings. Essentially, a guest persona is a detailed profile of the typical guest that your property attracts. This blog post delves into several types of hotel guests you may encounter and recommends ways to target them effectively in your marketing endeavours.

Why is it important to understand the different types of hotel guests?

This is important because it helps you devise a marketing strategy that resonates with the right guest at the most opportune time and results in more bookings. It helps you in various aspects, from how you decorate your hotel space to the kind of guest experience you offer and the OTAs you list. Rather than getting into the story and history of every individual who walks through your doors, it’s about categorising the types of guests that your hotel attracts into broad, useful groups.

With these insights, you can focus on attracting and pleasing a specific type of guest, which ultimately helps increase your revenue.


How do you identify your types of hotel guests?

You can categorise guests based on their demographics and behaviour and, by doing so, build an ideal customer profile. Creating profiles of your aspirational customer base is one way to get started. Here are a few tips that can help guide you through this process.

To gain insights into your guests’ preferences, analyse your sources of demand. You should examine each market segment to identify emerging and existing personas. By analysing where your demand comes from and why guests book at your property, you can better understand their needs and tailor your services to meet them.

One way to identify guest personas is by testing different segments in your database for engagement and conversion. This can help you identify new personas and better understand your existing ones. For example, RoomRaccoon’s all-in-one HMS allows you to pull reports to check your reservations by country, duration, and channel. By analysing these reports, you can identify patterns and help your hotel staff better understand your ideal type of guest.


The 8 types of hotel guests

Identifying guest personas can benefit your property. We’ve compiled a list of common traveller types that you can use for marketing campaigns and strategy. Here are 8 common guest profiles and how to appeal to each one.


Leisure Traveller

As a hotel owner, most of your guests are leisure travellers looking for a memorable experience. From couples searching for a romantic escape to families wanting to create lasting memories and even retired seniors who want to unwind and explore new destinations — you’ve got the opportunity to provide them with an unforgettable stay by offering access to local resources and convenient services where they can explore the surrounding areas.

How to appeal to them: Leisure travellers prefer established hotel brands but may opt for independent or boutique hotels if they aren’t loyal to a particular chain. For beach vacations, they may choose all-inclusive resorts or smaller B&Bs. Value-driven leisure travellers often stay in vacation rentals as they frequently travel in groups.


Green Traveller

Though travel is carbon-driven, eco-conscious travellers are rising, aware of their footprint. Some replace plane travel with rail due to “flight shame.” Sustainable accommodations focus on local sourcing, green energy, and energy reduction. Authentic commitment to sustainability is crucial, not “greenwashing.”

Greenwashing? This is the act of making false or misleading statements about the environmental benefits of a product or practice.

How to appeal to them: Eco-conscious travellers choose various accommodations, from independent eco-friendly properties to major sustainable brands. To attract these guests, be transparent and provide relevant information on your website and during the booking process. Avoid greenwashing and ensure the information you provide is accurate. Read our blog on how to get your property eco-certified on Google Hotel Ads.


Bleisure Traveller

​​Bleisure travellers, who combine business and leisure travel, prioritise convenience over cost and are more willing to pay extra for efficient services. Following the pandemic, there has been an increase in bleisure travel, and providing additional amenities such as free Wi-Fi and transportation can attract more travellers. They are similar to digital nomads — flexible, remote workers who travel with laptops and can work from anywhere as long as there’s Wi-Fi.

How to appeal to them: Bleisure travellers are driving the trend of combining hotels and hostels to offer communal spaces and private rooms. Digital nomads are more price-sensitive and can be attracted by offering designated workspaces in rooms or common areas.


The Gen Z Traveller

Along comes the next generation of travellers, Gen Z. This emerging group of guests comprises gap year students, university holidaymakers, and recent graduates, who prioritise budget-friendly accommodations that don’t necessarily have amenities such as fast WiFi, on-site laundry, and well-designed spaces.

How to appeal to them: Gen Z travellers prefer affordable options like hostels and small hotels. This type of hotel guest needs transparency and visibility. Affordable properties with workspaces have led to the travel phenomenon of the Golden Age of student travel. You can appeal to them by offering practical tips, such as safety and transportation advice.


The Wellness Traveller

Every hotelier understands that every guest has unique preferences and needs regarding their hotel experience. Some crave excitement and adventure, while others seek a tranquil sanctuary away from the daily grind. The wellness traveller market has grown significantly recently, with more people seeking properties like day spa hotels and yoga retreats..

How to appeal to them: To successfully attract wellness travellers, you must understand their health and wellness preferences and expectations for their therapeutic stay. If your property does not offer a complete wellness program, you can still cater to wellness seekers by recommending local farmer’s markets, health shops, and yoga centres. To further entice wellness travellers to stay at your property, you can offer free bikes, a map of jogging trails, and discounted passes for local gyms or spas.


Group Traveller

Travelling with a group is all about creating memories and shared experiences. Your hotel or lodge should embody the local culture and provide a cosy atmosphere, perfect for unwinding after exploring. Group travellers appreciate convenient locations that offer easy access to shopping, dining, and tourist attractions while enjoying discounted rates.

Remember, the little things count, so you should provide afternoon treats and peaceful common areas for your guests to relax. RoomRaccoon’s Room Allotment feature allows hotels to easily book group reservations and streamline the process of organising larger bookings. Your guests and bookers can benefit from automated upselling and add-ons through the booking engine.

How to appeal to them: If the travelling group is a family, they will prefer child-safe environments with larger guest rooms and ample distractions for the kids. Generally, group travellers enjoy venues catering to a versatile group of people, such as independent hotels, inns, and sometimes bed and breakfasts. Vacation rentals are also popular among those who prefer to self-cater their holidays.


Solo Traveller

As a solo traveller, finding a hotel that provides a break from the struggles of independent travelling while also providing an opportunity to socialise with other guests is a bonus. The majority of solo travellers are young individuals backpacking through their destination. They appreciate modern amenities, such as mobile apps and charging stations, but they also value communal spaces where they can meet others during their stay.

How to appeal to them: Create affordable hotel packages with local discounts and experiences to attract backpackers and solo travellers. Provide maps and recommendations for local activities, as these hotel guests love local tips and appreciate your suggestions for the best pubs in town.


Luxury Traveller

Luxury travellers have high expectations and are willing to spend more money on their experiences. Although the price may not be their highest concern (ah, the joys of not having to worry about the price of anything), value matters most to them. Luxury travellers typically research their trips, often with the help of a travel advisor, and have a general plan of what they want to do — which involves a touch of affluence, a spoonful of opulence, and a hunger for lavishness.

Two main types of luxury travellers exist: those who view travel as an indulgence and are willing to spend a significant amount of money on it (Real Housewives of Atlanta) and those who are simply wealthy enough to book the finest property available wherever they go (Real Housewives of Dubai).

How to appeal to them: Both types look for similar things in the properties they book — stunning, well-located accommodations that offer an unmatched guest experience. In short, to attract luxury travellers, you need to be the best. And to be the best, you need the leading PMS in hotel tech.


Attract your ideal type of guest with RoomRaccoon

Looking for a robust HMS that helps you find the perfect guests for your hotel? Look no further than RoomRaccoon. Our software makes it a breeze to attract both leisure travellers and budget-conscious visitors to your property. Our website builder lets you showcase your local area in all its glory while our direct booking engine offers unbeatable deals to solo travellers and digital nomads alike. And with our channel manager, you can take advantage of all the right OTAs to attract your preferred guests and maximise your profits.

Designed specifically for small and independent hoteliers, RoomRaccoon is the ultimate solution for boosting revenue and ROI. Our system can increase your RevPAR, just like it did for Cape Vue Country House, by an incredible 63%. Plus, with our user-friendly platform, you’ll be able to improve your guests’ experience, attract even more of your ideal customers, and boost your bookings to new heights.

So why wait? Sign up for a free 30-day RoomRaccoon trial today and see how we can help you attract your ideal guests and elevate your hotel to new levels of success.

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