Top 10 hotel trends for 2018

Every year, we kind of start the same. We set up goals both personally (eating healthy) and professionally (receiving more direct bookings). The start of a year is the perfect time to look back at last year and start planning the upcoming year.

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You're in charge!

As a property owner, you probably are known to different kind of OTA’s (online travel agencies). Some hoteliers see OTA’s as a nightmare, but you simply cannot do without them. They are amazingly good marketing tools that expand your reach immensely.

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Hotel Channel Manager: Do I need one?

Ever heard of a hotel Channel Manager or wonder why you need one? Let's have a look at what a Channel Manager does and why they are so important for your hotel or B&b.

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How to increase my room revenue?

The hotel industry seemed to have significantly increased as of 2010, but will this success continue? Research organization Statista doesn't think so. Although the hotel industry value is still high, a decrease is lurking. We want you to stay successful.

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The playground of special hotel packages

It’s a way to allure potential guests to book a room in your hotel or B&B. Everyone can arrange special packages. So, let’s have fun. Let’s get your property popular and more popular than other accommodations.

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