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Our mission is to empower independent hoteliers with innovative solutions that drive better-performing businesses — and we need your help.

Become a RoomRaccoon partner to help further innovation and feature among our large network of integrated applications.

Integration partnerships

Get listed on RoomRaccoon’s Marketplace.

We play nice with others. Join forces with our award-winning hotel management platform and integrate your hospitality application. Doing so will get you listed on our ever-expanding Marketplace used by 10,000 RoomRaccoon users to grow their operations.

  • Step 1Discovery call

    Meet our Partnerships Manager, Steven Reffin, and discuss the details of your business proposal.
  • Step 2 Connectivity

    We’ll send details about our APIs and what we require from you to get started.
  • Step 3Approved integration

    Integrations are certified after a 30-minute call with our connectivity team.
  • Step 4Piloting

    We’ll pilot test with mutual clients to guarantee a successful launch.
  • Step 5Live on RoomRaccoon’s Marketplace!

    Congratulations! Your profile is now a part of RoomRaccoon’s Marketplace, where our users can view and request to connect with you.

Use your influence to spread the word

Are you a hospitality consultant advising independent hotels? Enroll in our Referral Program and spread the word about RoomRaccoon to your network. Submit qualified leads, we’ll sign and seal, and you’ll be rewarded.

What you get: We’ll pay you £500 for every successful referral you send us!

Refer a property that’s ready to be elevated

Do you know a property that can benefit from switching to RoomRaccoon? Fill out the form with the details of the person you’re referring to us, and we’ll be sure to reach out when it’s time for your reward. It’s that simple!

What you get: We’ll pay you £500 for every successful referral you send us!

Benefits of being a partner

Become a partner

Let’s empower independent hoteliers together.