Supercharge revenue & delight guests with hotel upsell software

Our hotel upsell software is designed to enhance your guests' pre-arrival experience by offering them relevant add-ons through a digital guest service menu.

With RaccoonUpsell, you can create additional revenue streams while providing your guests with personalized and convenient options that will make their stay even more enjoyable.

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Let Guests Check In Online and Check Out Your Add-Ons

The online check-in process is a key opportunity to delight guests and offer them relevant add-ons.

Easy online registration and upselling components can make online check-in a great opportunity for your business and improve your bottom line.

RoomRaccoon’s online check-in hotel software is available with all packages.

  • Staff can focus on welcoming guests and not selling.
  • Reduce front desk queues by 70% during high season.
  • Cater to mobile-savvy travelers expecting this convenience.

Boost revenue with pre-arrival upselling

With RaccoonUpsell, guests can craft a custom stay, and you can generate additional revenue for your hotel without lifting a finger.

Our advanced software also enables the creation of specific revenue groups and respective ledgers for add-ons. Easily manage your hotel reporting with our integrated PMS and upselling software.

Guests who customize their stay become loyal customers

Pre-arrival upselling is the most engaging and exciting way for guests to customize their stay.

A unique experience and personalized service are the perfect formula to foster guest loyalty.

Promote Room Upgrades

Who can resist a more spacious room with a better view? Let your guests seamlessly upgrade rooms before arrival with RaccoonUpsell.

  • Select the upgrades to upsell for every room category.
  • Upgradable rooms are shown according to availability.
  • Your availability is automatically updated in the PMS.

The best part? By guests upgrading rooms, you free up your most affordable rooms, increasing the potential for higher occupancy in your hotel.

Showcase Ancillary Services

Guests need to know what’s on offer, or they will never buy it! Offer your guests the chance to purchase additional services from a customized guest service menu.

  • Advertise your services with creative descriptions.
  • Include photos to attract and entice guests.
  • Include discounts to sweeten the deal.

Optimize your add-on images and descriptions

Easily manage the services and experiences you want to upsell.

Enjoy the flexibility of RaccoonUpsell, charge per person or night and include an online check-in discount.

You can also enable upselling in the hotel booking engine to offer guests relevant extras during the booking stage.

Maximize Your ROI with Hotel Upselling

Master Your Hotel Upselling

Transform your guests' stay into an unforgettable experience while simultaneously increasing your hotel revenue with RaccoonUpsell.

With RaccoonUpsell, you can ensure your guests have an exceptional stay while optimizing your profits. Download our guide to learn everything you need to and more about upselling!

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FAQ: Hotel Upsell Software

1What is hotel upsell software, and how can it benefit my hotel business?
Hotel upsell software is a sophisticated digital tool designed to enhance the guest experience by providing a dynamic and personalized menu of additional services and amenities. This software is specifically crafted to maximize revenue opportunities for hotels while simultaneously offering guests a tailored and delightful stay. Some of the benefits include:

• Dynamic and Personalized Experience
• Interactive Guest Service Menu
• Maximize Revenue Opportunities
• Real-time Inventory Availability
2What makes the best upsell software?
The best hotel upsell software should be fully integrated with your property management system. It’s vital that your PMS can create, manage and add-ons for guests. In this way, you can easily edit, update or delete add-ons from room categories. When using an all-in-one software, you can manage inventory and pricing at the click of a button. So you’re always on top of your add-ons.
3Can hotel upsell software be customized to fit the unique needs of my property?
Yes, hotel upsell software can be customized to fit your property and all of its special requirements. With RoomRaccoon, you have full customization over your add-ons, simply choose your image and write a compelling description to diversify your revenue streams.
4How can hotel upsell software improve guest satisfaction and loyalty?
Hotel upsell software helps you delight guests with an array of convenient and relevant add-ons – offered during online booking and online check-in. This minimizes the guests' need to search for the perfect complement to their stay, with all of their favourite options on display. With an all-in-one PMS you can also choose to store guest preferences. This helps your employees save time and builds a strong rapport with your guests!
5Is hotel upsell software suitable for both large chains and independent hotels?
Hotel upsell software is suitable for a hotel of any size! It can be used in vacation rentals, boutique hotels, large chain hotels and more. Upsell software helps personalize your guests’ stay and earns you more revenue – what’s not to love?
6How much does hotel upsell software cost?
Hotel upsell software pricing will vary depending on the level of sophistication you are looking for. If you’re looking for the number one upselling software, you’ve found it with RoomRaccoon. Our all-in-one PMS with upselling software starts at just $188 per month.