Compete against major OTAs for direct bookings with Google Hotel Ads​​

Struggling to capture visibility online? Google Hotel Ads can display your hotel alongside other local hotels on a search results page. This lets travellers compare rates and availability and book directly on your website.

Get more exposure and reach new guests online

Did you know that 57% of travellers start the process of booking on Google? The only way to nab a top spot on Google Search is to run your own Google Ads campaign and be front and centre for search queries like “hotels in London” or “eco-friendly hotels in Birmingham.”

Grow your direct bookings and Pay-Per-Stay (PPS) ​

Google Hotel Ads can effectively increase visibility and drive traffic to your hotel booking engine, where prospective guests can view your availability, preview your hotel rooms and book direct with an incentive such as a discount code if included. 

With Google Hotel Ads, you benefit from a pay-per-stay model and only pay when guests complete a stay they booked through your hotel ad.

Hassle-free setup, bidding, and billing

You don’t need a dedicated ads manager to use RoomRaccoon’s Google Hotel Ads integration. We take care of the setup, and you will only be billed at the end of each month.

Build brand loyalty and boost revenue through upsells

More direct bookings mean more opportunities for upselling your ancillary services such as massages, tours, late arrival and dinners. When compared to OTA bookings, by being the initial contact point with your guests, you can go above and beyond in delivering a tailored service from reservation to check-out.

FAQs: Google Hotel Ads

Google Hotel Ads (GHA) is a powerful tool provided by Google that serves as a meta-search platform, guiding travel enthusiasts toward hotels and reservations that align perfectly with what they are looking for. What sets GHA apart is its ability to put your hotel in direct competition with major online travel agencies (OTAs) such as, Expedia, and Airbnb.

Google Hotel Ads is the ultimate hotel marketplace – where all OTAs and hotels can advertise rooms and availability. It’s often the first place vacation-hungry guests look for their accommodation: through a Google search. A GHA listing puts your hotel front-of-mind (and at the top of the search results) for travellers seeking their next stay.

When customers search for a hotel on Google Search or Maps, they’ll see a hotel search module with photos, names, prices, and a map. This provides the opportunity to perform quick room rate comparisons and offers links to different booking engines, allowing customers to find the best possible price.

When they select a hotel, they’ll see up-to-date prices and links to book directly with that hotel for the dates and number of guests they select. 

GHA operates like an Online Travel Agent. There will always be a commission for bookings made through this service. However, the commission you will be charged from GHA (about 12%) will be less than OTAs like, which can charge 15% or more! Costs on commission are only calculated for confirmed bookings, meaning it’s pay-per-stay (not pay-per-click.) The PPS model reduces the risk of your hotel’s advertising budget being spent on click-happy travellers on the hunt.

Integration is easy! Simply request the connectivity for Google Hotel Ads, and one of our friendly customer success managers will take care of the details on your behalf.

Google Ads offers a comprehensive advertising platform that allows businesses to reach their target audience through various channels, including search engine ads, display ads, video ads, and more. Whereas, Google Hotel Ads specifically caters to the needs of hoteliers, ensuring a focused and tailored approach to drive hotel bookings and maximise revenue.

Google Hotel Ads Vs Google Ads infographic