RaccoonPay: Fast, secure hotel payment processing solution

Seamlessly power hotel payments from booking to departure. RaccoonPay is a fully integrated payment solution crafted for your unique guest journey.

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More ways to get you paid.

Diversify Your Hotel Payment Channels

You deserve success. You also deserve options.

Transform your hotel operations with a payment processing system as unique as your guest journey.

Whether it's seamless website transactions or in-person payments, our system empowers you with flexible payment channels to reach more guests.

RaccoonPay Payment Channels

One-click payments from the guest reservation card

View all the vital info from our guest reservation card—and take action!

A single click lets you process payments from stored cards, send payment requests, or effortlessly initiate card-present payments using the integrated RaccoonPay Card Machine.

Simplify the Switch With RaccoonPay Self-Onboarding

Switching to a new payment solution is a breeze with RaccoonPay's self-onboarding dashboard. Just follow a few simple steps:

• Fill in your business information
• Upload documents
• Submit them for review
• Start taking payments in as little as 24 hours!

No set-up fees, zero monthly costs – just a small fee per transaction.

Centralise Your Payment Data

Run your business confidently, knowing you have complete financial oversight with a user-friendly dashboard featuring tabs for all payments, payouts, a cash drawer, virtual credit cards (VCCs), and reporting—all in one place.

Say goodbye to hunting for scattered payment information and breeze through reconciliation.

Additional Features

Pay it Safe with Advanced Hotel Payment Processing Technology

RaccoonPay’s hotel payment software captures and stores sensitive data safely.

We merge industry-leading security standards and automation to reduce the risk of fraud, identity theft, and illicit activities.

Additional Features

Elevate Your Front Desk Experience with Effortless, Error-Free Payments

The RaccoonPay Card Machine is sleek, modern, ultra-durable, and the perfect addition to your front desk.

Integrate payments with us for speedy, error-free experiences. Faster payments, delighted guests – it's that simple!

  • WiFi-enabled
  • Built-in printer
  • Tap and go
  • Mobile payments
  • Large touchscreen for ease-of-use

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FAQ: RaccoonPay Hotel Payment Processing System

1What is a hotel payment processing system, and how does it work?
A hotel payment processing system, like RaccoonPay, is our fully integrated solution that facilitates the secure and efficient handling of transactions for our hotel partners and other accommodation businesses powered by RoomRaccoon, like hostels, B&Bs, and vacation rentals.

RaccoonPay uses the power of automation to streamline online payment procedures, enhance guest experiences, and ensure the security of sensitive financial data.

Our payment processing software supports multiple payment options, such as credit/debit cards, cash, and mobile payments. It verifies the payment details and ensures transaction security through advanced payment technology like 3D Secure. As hotel payments are unique, we provide hotel-specific features, including a VCC dashboard, chargeback dashboard, and special ways to collect payments at important guest touchpoints such as online check-in and booking proposal documents.
2How to get started with RaccoonPay hotel payments?
Transitioning to a new payment provider can be a daunting task, but with RaccoonPay, you can easily skip the administrative hassle. Our dashboard provides step-by-step guidance for self-onboarding, helping you submit the required information and documents with ease. Once you've submitted your information, we'll verify your company details promptly, allowing you to start processing payments in as little as 24 hours!

With RaccoonPay, you'll have complete autonomy when it comes to managing your account details. Be it updating your bank account information or making ownership changes, you can do it all with ease and in just a few clicks.
3What is a virtual credit card (VCC)?
A virtual credit card (VCC) is a temporary credit card number issued by a bank, allowing people and businesses to make online payments without revealing actual card details. OTAs like Booking.com and Expedia often use VCCs to send payments to hotels. VCCs are issued for a specific transaction for a specific amount and have an activation date attached. The downside is that VCCs require manual charging by hotels, and if forgotten, access to the funds will be lost.

Here are some more benefits of VCC for hotels:

• VCCs hold temporary account details valid for one purchase, making them hack-proof.
• Payment data such as date, amount, and the purchaser is attached to the credit card number transfer.
• VCCs process payments faster than traditional credit cards for speedier reconciliation.
4How does RaccoonPay simplify VCC management?
You can manage your booking channel payments within RaccoonPay. The VCC Dashboard provides a convenient way to view and track the status of your VCCs in real time. You can keep track of the following information:

• VCC activation date
• OTAs that issued the VCC
• Cancelled VCCs
• Available balance in the VCC and what is due to be charged.

Better yet, you can enable auto-charge upon card activation. This means the system will auto-charge VCCs on the morning of the effective payment date, so you don't have to worry about forgetting and missing out.

All cards with a VCC balance higher than zero will be charged on the day of the effective payment date. This is subjective to each property and your contract with the OTA. All cards will be charged in the morning, and the overview will be ready when you start your day.
5How do RaccoonPay payouts work?
Payouts are issued on Wednesdays on a weekly basis and include an overview of all settlements.
6How much does a hotel payment processing system cost?
For a flat monthly or annual subscription fee, you can access the RaccoonPay hotel payment processing system, which is fully integrated within RoomRaccoon's hotel management platform. This means you can also enjoy the benefits of our hotel PMS, booking engine, and channel management software, all in one.

In addition, a small fee will be applied to card transactions. RaccoonPay offers transparent interchange plus plus and blended rates.