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Reach thousands of new guests and fill your reservation calendar faster. Manage all your rates through a channel manager that synchronises across multiple channels in just 5 seconds.

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The Channel Manager Customers Trust For Seamless Connectivity

“The convenience of online check-in, elimination of manual night audit tasks, streamlined channel management, and comprehensive all-in-one service are truly incredible.” – Julia Genatossio, General Manager at Edgartown Commons.

Keep track of all your channels, rooms, and rates from a single place.

Synchronise your availability in real time.

Keep your availability and rate plans updated in real time across all channels. When a guest books on an OTA or your property's website, the RoomRaccoon Channel Manager instantly updates all channels.

Keep your calendar full, and avoid overbookings.

Eliminate the fear of double bookings and the need to switch between extranets by connecting to your preferred online distribution channels with ease.

Make single or bulk rate updates with one click.

With just a few clicks, you can update individual rate plans or sync all your room rates with a bulk action toggle. This will help you save time and ensure that your prices remain competitive.

Centralise your channel management, and save time.

Easily set and manage room rates, availability, and restrictions (minimum stay, close to arrival, stop sell etc.) across all connected channels from a single place.

Master the Online Travel Market With RoomRaccoon’s Dynamic Hotel Channel Manager Module

Rate Management

Channel-specific pricing

Easily maintain rate parity or set different pricing for a specific channel. RoomRaccoon’s user-friendly hotel channel manager software lets you quickly and easily update pricing per channel.

Price Checker

Keep travelers on your website’s booking engine with the RoomRaccoon Price Comparison Widget. Guests are able to compare your direct rates to your rates on popular booking channels like, Agoda, Expedia, and Airbnb.

Dynamic pricing

Apply dynamic pricing rules to select rate plans to automatically increase or decrease rates based on demand, optimising revenue and occupancy without the workload.

Single or bulk rate adjustments

Increase or decrease your rate plans on booking channels. Quickly and easily update pricing per channel or make bulk updates using the sync toggle.

Channel Management

Zero-added commission

Connect to any channel and receive bookings without paying extra commission using RoomRaccoon's hotel channel manager software. Plan your distribution strategy without any limitations.

Channel reports & insights

Keep track of your top-performing channels and optimise your distribution strategy with valuable insights from our channel reports.

200+ OTAs and other travel booking sites

Explore over 200 online booking channels and get listed on the most suitable OTAs for your hotel, lodge, hostel, B&B, guesthouse, or vacation rentals.

Direct API connections

Let your data flow seamlessly between RoomRaccoon’s Channel Manager and connected channels. We have secure, direct API partnerships and two-way connections with booking channels.

Inventory Management

Pooled inventory

Evenly distribute your inventory across all booking channels, including your website. In this case, your overall inventory reduces whenever you receive a booking.

Room mapping to OTAs

Sit back, relax, and leave the inventory mapping tasks to us. Our service involves mapping your rate plans within your property management system to your OTAs.

Booking delivery

Get all the bookings made on your website and third-party booking channels delivered straight to your hotel reservation system with immediate notifications.

5-second synchronisation

Rapid data synchronisation and automation through RoomRaccoon's fast channel manager reduce the likelihood of overbookings and underbookings.


VCC Management

The channel manager imports and stores virtual credit cards (VCCs) in the guest reservation, ensuring easy access and visibility.

Auto-Charge VCCs

Auto-charge VCCs upon activation and never miss revenue. You can also track charged and uncharged VCCs by booking channels in the VCC overview.

Payment modification

Upon modification or cancellation of a reservation, the channel manager updates the payment details.

Secure payment processing

RoomRaccoon partners with Peach Payments to allow guests to securely pay anytime during their stay and choose their preferred payment method and currency.


Plug into 200+ powerful sales channels

Easily connect to your preferred online booking channels and start selling. Zero added commissions!

Our speedy synchronisation takes just 5 seconds, so you can focus on delivering an amazing guest experience.

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RoomRaccoon's hotel channel manager software has a robust two-way connection with the OTA giant, allowing advanced features that provide RoomRaccoon clients with a seamless all-in-one experience.

A single platform to increase revenue, streamline operations & delight guests.

An all-in-one solution, ready to revolutionise your property. Request a free demo today. Request a free demo today.

Channel Management Software for Hotels & Hosts

RoomRaccoon’s insight shows that the average hotel relies on 3-5 booking channels to sell its inventory. Download our buyer’s guide to learn how to choose the perfect solution for your accommodation business.

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FAQs About Hotel Channel Manager Software

1What is a hotel channel manager software, and how does it work?

A hotel channel manager is a software tool that enables hoteliers and property managers to efficiently manage their inventory distribution across various online booking channels, including major and niche OTAs, global distribution systems (GDS), metasearch engines (Google), and other travel agents.

The primary purpose of a hotel channel manager for independent hotels is to automate and streamline the process of updating room availability, rates, and other important information across multiple channels in real-time.

This helps hotel operators optimize their revenue by ensuring accurate and up-to-date information is available to potential guests on different booking platforms and managing rate parity with ease.

You can do this all from the RoomRaccoon platform, which quickly synchronizes your rates and availability across all your connected channels without requiring manual input. In short, a hotel channel manager increases inventory visibility on various channels to boost bookings and revenue and centralizes data, allowing for real-time visibility and control of multiple channels from a single place.

2What are the key benefits of using a hotel channel manager software?

Utilising hotel channel manager software has several benefits when it comes to optimizing the process of selling hotel rooms in a fiercely competitive online travel market. Think of a hotel's channel manager as the conductor of an orchestra. Without it, you have a chaotic ensemble with musicians (booking platforms) playing out of sync. But with a channel manager, you have a harmonious orchestra, ensuring all musicians play together, avoiding overbooking, and making sure no room is left empty for a successful performance.

The key benefits of using a hotel channel manager include:
  • Simplifying rate changes and eliminating business disruptions.
  • Improving inventory visibility across multiple channels resulting in an increase in bookings and revenue.
  • Real-time availability synchronisation reduces the risk of double-booking rooms and underbookings.
  • Centralised data management saves reservation managers hours of work every day.
  • Insights around best-performing channels improve the effectiveness of your channel management strategy.
3How can I integrate channel manager software with my existing hotel management system or property management system (PMS)?

When integrating new software into your existing tech ecosystem, it is essential to ensure compatibility. This means that the channel manager software must be able to communicate the necessary data to your property or reservation management system and vice versa. A poor connection between these two essential systems can cause delays in rate and availability updates, leading to overbookings and missing reservation details.

If you want to avoid a complex tech stack that can result in more frustration, consider using an all-in-one hotel management system like RoomRaccoon. RoomRaccoon's Property Management System (PMS), Channel Manager, and Booking Engine are engineered with compatibility in mind and are fully integrated into a user-friendly platform. They work together seamlessly to ensure quick and accurate data transfer. Additionally, RoomRaccoon offers dedicated implementation sessions to assist with setup and data transfer from existing systems and channels.

4What channels and online travel agencies (OTAs) can I connect to using hotel channel manager software?

The available booking channels can differ from one provider to another. Choosing a channel manager that can connect you with a wide range of online booking channels is a smart move that can help you reach more potential customers and boost your bookings.

Explore RoomRaccoon's Marketplace, which offers more than 200 online travel agents (OTAs) covering both major (, Expedia, Airbnb, and Vrbo) and niche markets (Mr and Mrs Smith, Agoda, and Ctrip). Our partnership with global distribution systems such as Amadeus, Pegasus, and Travelport provides you with unparalleled access to the lucrative corporate travel segment. Moreover, our metasearch engines, such as Google and TripAdvisor, will help you boost direct bookings.

5What features should I look for when choosing a hotel channel manager software?

If you're in the market for hotel channel manager software, it's important to take into account these 11 essential features that will help manage online distribution effectively:

  • Channel Connectivity: Ensure that the channel manager supports connections to a wide range of online travel agencies (OTAs), global distribution systems (GDS), and other distribution channels. The more channels it integrates with, the wider your hotel's reach.
  • Real-time Updates: Look for a channel manager that provides real-time and rate updates to prevent overbooking and underbooking.
  • Rate and Inventory Management: The software should provide a single dashboard to easily manage rates, availability, and restrictions across all connected channels.
  • Two-Way Synchronisation: Ensure the channel manager supports two-way data synchronization, meaning it can both push and pull data from your hotel PMS.
  • Centralized Dashboard: A user-friendly platform that consolidates all channels into one, saving time and reducing errors.
  • Reporting and Analytics: Look for reporting tools that clearly show your channel performance, occupancy rates, revenue, and other important data.
  • Automated Rules: The ability to set up automated rules that automatically change your rates or adjust inventory in response to market demand and competitor availability.
  • Promotions and Packages: Ability to create and manage special offers, promotions, and packages to attract more guests.
  • Customer Support and Training: Excellent customer support and training resources to help you get the most out of the software.
  • Security and Data Protection: Ensure the software is secure and compliant with data protection regulations to safeguard your guests' information.
  • Cost and Contract Terms: Take a close look at the pricing structure, including the setup costs, monthly or annual fees, and commission rates, to ensure that they fit your budget.
6How does hotel channel manager software work?

Imagine a channel manager software as a smart helper for your hotel. It works like magic - whenever someone books a room or if you change the price of a room, it instantly updates this information everywhere it's listed online.

So, if you have your rooms on different websites like Expedia or Airbnb, the channel manager makes sure your calendar is always up to date on all those sites.

This is great because you won't accidentally double-book rooms or have outdated prices floating around. And, there's a bonus! It takes all the bookings from those websites and neatly arranges them in one place, your hotel's reservation calendar or PMS. This way, you can easily keep track of all your reservations, making your hotel management a whole lot simpler and more organized.

7How much does hotel channel manager software cost?
RoomRaccoon's hotel channel manager software has a flat monthly or annual fee (20% off) without any added commission or reservation fees. This means you can sell as much as you want without worrying about any additional costs. The best part? The best part? You can access our entire platform starting from £124 a month, including a PMS, booking engine, and channel manager. Explore our different subscription packages and select one that best suits your operational needs.