Speed-up guest check-ins with a hotel ID scanner

Auto-populate guest information straight into your PMS by scanning passports. Minimise manual data entry, errors and reduce check-in time with the digital ID scanner.

Deliver fast and efficient guest registration with an ID scanner for hotels

How does it work?

RaccoonID scans passports by reading the Machine Readable Zone (MRZ). The MRZ consists of two or three lines in the lower part of an ID document and encloses its owner’s data.

Step 1: Open the guest reservation

Ready to check in guests?

Click on the relevant reservation in the calendar view.

Step 2: Scroll down to guest details

Click on the drop-down. Select RaccoonID, which will redirect you to the camera where you can capture the details from the passport. Position the passport in the white frame and click the capture button; the ID document will be scanned.

Step 3: Auto-populate guest data

Guest details are instantly populated: first and last name, country of origin, date of birth, and ID number. For guest safety and security, passport data is never stored in the system.


Empower guests with self-service technology

Make this guest touchpoint even more accessible and faster. Combine online check-in and RaccoonID and let guests enjoy the convenience of self-service technology.

Guests can scan their passports using the camera on their smartphones or tablets to complete their online registration quickly.