RaccoonPay: A Hotel Payment Processing Guide

Hotels and other accommodation businesses deal with payments every day. But, unlike most businesses, hotels face unique challenges when it comes to getting paid. For example,

Recap 2023: RoomRaccoon Product Milestones

The hospitality industry is constantly changing, and we’re right there with you, innovating to keep up with today’s guests’ ever-evolving expectations. The product team at RoomRaccoon

Poolside surrounded by trees with Sun loungers | Hotel package ideas

6 Effective Hotel Packages For Guests

If you’re a hotelier looking to boost revenue and occupancy, you’re in the right place. Hotel package ideas aren’t just about guest experiences; they’re your secret weapon for maximizing revenue.

Optimise the Hotel Guest Experience Journey: 5 Key Stages

For hoteliers, it is important to understand the journey of a tech-savvy traveller. The guest experience can be broken down into five stages: research stage, booking stage, arrival stage, stay stage and post-stay stage.