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Partnership with RoomPriceGenie

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RoomRaccoon Hotel Management System and RoomPriceGenie Revenue Management System, two of the most innovative and fastest growing SaaS companies in the hospitality industry, officially announce their partnership. A huge step forward for independent hoteliers that want to automate repetitive tasks and in this way save time and increase their RevPAR.

“The objective of our partnership is to connect our fast-growing network of independent hotels, B&B’s and guest houses worldwide with RoomPriceGenie’s powerful Revenue Management solution. RoomRaccoon is always looking for strategic partnerships to serve our hoteliers and to revolutionise the Hotel industry. With RoomPriceGenie we believe we’ve found our perfect match for independent hoteliers” said Leon Pijpers, CMO RoomRaccoon.

Both RoomRaccoon and RoomPriceGenie are developed by people with a hotel industry background. As a result, both services perfectly match the wishes and requirements of the modern forward looking hotelier.

“You must have heard the saying: “Great minds think alike!” – we leave the aspect of greatness up to hoteliers to decide, but the new partnership between RoomRaccoon and RoomPriceGenie is one where two companies share the same mindset. Both, at RoomRaccoon and RoomPriceGenie, we live to build solutions that make your job easier.

Hoteliers all over the world use RoomRaccoon and RoomPriceGenie because we focus on building usable technology for the not so large properties out there. You don’t want to have the same system as a 250 room hotel. You need something simple, transparent and effective. And that’s what we do.” said Marvin Speh, Co-Founder RoomPriceGenie.

Seamlessly integrated easy to use technology is vital and will make your life as a hotelier easier and your business more successful. RoomRaccoon and RoomPriceGenie have paved the way to a successful 2021!