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RoomPriceGenie’s integration with RoomRaccoon provides hotels with an easy dynamic pricing software that can automatically set your prices and helps hotels and serviced apartments increase revenue by 15-20%.

About RoomPriceGenie

RoomPriceGenie is an easy-to-use automated revenue management system designed to bring independent hotels the best possible pricing with the least possible work. It is simple enough that a non-technical person can happily use it, providing top-quality pricing recommendations.

How does the RoomPriceGenie integration with RoomRaccoon work?

The RoomPriceGenie integration for RoomRaccoon is an easy-to-use and convenient solution to optimize your room rates and maximize revenue. Pricing management is entirely within your control. You can define your pricing comfort zone by setting minimum and maximum prices. You can also confirm or reject price recommendations or save valuable time with fully automated price updates. Through the RoomRaccoon Channel Manager, your OTA pricing is updated in real-time.

Price recommendations are put together through intelligent revenue tools that monitor internal and external factors such as occupancy levels and market conditions, including competitors and events. Prices are updated approximately 12 times a day. You can also view 18 months of future pricing for every room category.

You can access revenue reports within RoomRaccoon, and your revenue manager can create pricing rules in the PMS. According to RoomPriceGenie, customers typically see a 22% increase in revenue and save 10 hours a week with pricing automation.

RoomPriceGenie Webinar

In this webinar, RoomRaccoon and RoomPriceGenie discuss hotel revenue management. Discover how technology has enhanced revenue management and three quick hotel revenue management strategies to implement to see instant results.


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