Online Check-in


No more long queues in front of the reception, no more annoyance for guests who want to go to their room after a long journey, no more endless administrative tasks and no more physical contact with the guest with the online check-in in your RoomRaccoon!


In many cases it can be useful for guests to check in online before their arrival. This not only saves time at check-in, but also serves as an extra assurance that the guest is arriving. Do you have an accommodation without a reception or would you like your guests to pay the outstanding amount a few days before check-in? The online check-in is the perfect solution and can easily be set up in RoomRaccoon.


When the guest receives the pre-arrival email, he or she has the option to check in online. Once they have clicked on the link, they are redirected to the online check-in page where they have to enter all the important information about the booker and the guest. In this way, the exact arrival time can be entered. 


This easy-to-install technology will help you organize your work, make it easier and non-contact, allowing more time for personal interaction with your guests. Win-win, right?