Epos Now

RoomRaccoon’s integration with Epos Now is designed to track guests’ payments throughout their stay accurately. The result is a fast and efficient system that allows you to generate coherent invoices for all the services offered at your establishment in real time.

About Epos Now

Epos Now is a global payment and technology provider focusing on small and medium-sized enterprises in retail, hotel, and personal care.

It was founded in 2011 with the goal of assisting a global network of over 55,000 retail and hospitality locations in harnessing the power of cloud technology to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Businesses can control every aspect of their operations with Epos Now from any place and on any device. Its cloud systems include payments, smart inventory control, custom reporting, staff and customer administration, and assistance in transitioning businesses to meet a new type of merchant with robust eCommerce, delivery, and collection features. 


  • Automatically sync your Epos Now system with RoomRaccoon to unify and view revenue streams from bars and restaurants into one platform.
  • Keep track of all customer expenditures and ask for a single payment at the end of the stay.
  • Maintain accurate and current data insights in your business reporting.

How does the Epos Now integration with RoomRaccoon work?

The Epos Now and RoomRaccoon integration provides various essential roles in your bar, restaurant, and hotel operation. They collaborate to link restaurant charges to bookings.

A property management system like RoomRaccoon is the lifeblood of front-desk and back-office operations, helping to manage reservation availability, check-in and check-out, housekeeping management, and more.

The point-of-sale system, on the other hand, manages all front and back-office aspects of on-property sales, such as dining experiences.

These two solutions, when integrated seamlessly, provide hospitality establishments with the tools to run day-to-day operations and ensure that every guest is able to enjoy their stay without being aware that these systems even exist.

The RoomRaccoon PMS + Epos Now POS integration automates the process of charging restaurant sales and other ancillary expenses to a guest’s room, minimising billing mistakes due to human error, providing staff more time to focus on guest experience, and making it easier to bill guests during checkout.

A single invoice containing all the necessary details will subsequently be given to the guest. Instead of making multiple payments during their stay, guests can conveniently settle one bill at check-out.

As soon as the POS system receives the guest status and room number from the PMS, it automatically crosses over the charge to the appropriate invoice number within the PMS in real time.

In a nutshell, such strategic Hotel PMS+ POS integration is intended to assist you in leveraging business insights to better price your rooms and boost your hotel’s revenue.

This gives you greater visibility of your hotel’s activities, stock, profits, and even staffing, giving you more control over how you run your business.

Connect to Epos Now

Search Epos Now in the Connectivity Centre, and click on the plus icon. An integration notification will be sent to RoomRaccoon.


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