HyperGuest connects hotels with travel providers, helping them sell rooms with lower commissions and access customer data.

About HyperGuest

HyperGuest’s technology platform empowers hotels to deliver rooms with maximum efficiency and profitability. The HyperGuest Marketplace is an intelligent yet easy-to-use B2B distribution channel that shortens the booking supply chain and enables both hotels' and travel providers' direct booking flow at scale.

This open and highly scalable cloud technology layer opens new opportunities for profit and business with zero manual effort and the fastest time-to-booking.

Benefits of HyperGuest

  • Capture more bookings at lower commissions: Net-rate or commissionable, you’ll see higher margins and net RevPAR and maximize occupancy through HyperGuest, with no added fees or technology costs.
  • Stay in control: You set rates, terms, and policies and have full visibility to control and mitigate rate parity.
  • Skip the contracting hassles: There’s no pre-contracting necessary, but you have full flexibility to arrange special contracts or terms with individual partners.
  • Own the guest relationship: Transparent booking data lets you upsell and cross-sell to maximise the value of every guest.

How does the HyperGuest integration with RoomRaccoon work?

HyperGuest integrates with RoomRaccoon and automates the entire partner relationship—at no added cost to you. The two-way API connection with RoomRaccoon’s Channel Manager ensures that your live rates and availability are communicated to HyperGuest and streamlines the rate management, resulting in more bookings with less effort.

Connect to HyperGuest

Search HyperGuest in the RoomRaccoon Marketplace and click on the plus icon. An integration notification will be sent to a Customer Success Manager. Not a RoomRaccoon customer? Get a free demo.


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