The pinnacle for guest communication and management, Guestnet elevates the guest experience through its fully customisable and integrated web application. Seamlessly facilitating communication, delivering essential information, and streamlining upsell purchases, Guestnet sets a new standard for hospitality excellence.

About Guestnet

Guestnet is a versatile information system that assists guests with their needs anytime, anywhere. The system is accessible through different channels, making it easier for hoteliers to communicate with their customers. Over 1,600 hospitality companies use Guestnet to enhance their operations, boost revenue, and provide guests with a unique experience.

Guestnet's mobile access allows for high guest engagement, which can boost hotel sales, making it a popular choice for chain and independent hotels. Guest communication is effortlessly managed with Guestnet, relieving staff of additional tasks while promoting guests' convenient use of digital systems.


  • Content Customisation: Guestnet empowers users with content sovereignty, allowing them to curate their personalised system according to their preferences.
  • Delight Guests: Guest satisfaction soars as Guestnet's communication solution ensures effortless experience planning with continually updated, personalised data.
  • Boost Upsell ROI: Guestnet's communication solution drives an increase in sales by offering additional income opportunities through digital upselling directly on-site.

How does the Guestnet integration with RoomRaccoon work?

RoomRaccoon, an all-in-one hotel management system, seamlessly collaborates with Guestnet, a versatile information system catering to guests' needs anytime, anywhere. Through this partnership, Guestnet acts as a digital concierge web app, providing guests with comprehensive hotel information, local area insights, and room service options.

RoomRaccoon transfers guest and reservation data to Guestnet, facilitating improved guest communication throughout their stay. While RoomRaccoon manages pre and post-stay interactions, Guestnet enhances the in-stay experience, further supported by its integration with Flexipass for guest access. Together, RoomRaccoon and Guestnet optimise guest satisfaction and streamline hotel operations.

Connect to Guestnet

Search Guestnet in the Connectivity Centre, and click on the plus icon. An integration notification will be sent to RoomRaccoon.


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