Great Stay App

Great Stay App helps you to make every guest experience at your property unforgettable. Effortlessly create a memorable digital experience for guests to utilise during their stay. Great Stay App makes it simple to provide travellers with all the information they need through digital documents. Save your employees time by sharing brochures, menus, checklists, and other important content with your guests.

About Great Stay App

Great Stay App is a hotel application, perfect for property owners who would like to elevate their guest experience. With this app, it’s simple and easy to set up customised digital notice boards. The Great Stay App has crafted a solution tailored to meet the requirements of hotels, B&Bs, holiday parks, and rental agencies.

By using RoomRaccoon and the Great Stay App, your guests’ experience will be better than ever. No longer worry about guests missing important announcements or travellers being clueless about local activities and attractions. The Great Stay App takes care of this all with push notifications, dedicated activity calendars, and local activities on displayed on Google Maps.


  • Easy to set up & maintain: Great Stay App’s user-friendly Content Management System (CMS) empowers users to seamlessly create, draft, edit, publish, and promote content. Property owners can leverage the system to send push notifications and pop-up messages, facilitating efficient communication with their audience.
  • Consolidated guest information: Save time on communication and give your guests all the information they need in the palm of their hand. You can also customise the CMS with your property’s unique look and feel, giving guests the full brand experience.
  • Generate more revenue: Maximise your upsell revenue while minimising work for your front desk. Add-ons can be purchased through the Great Stay App and during online check-in, facilitated by RoomRaccoon. All the more opportunity to upsell to guests!

How does the Great Stay App integration with RoomRaccoon work?

The Great Stay App works harmoniously with RoomRaccoon, ensuring that information stays up-to-date. It syncs details during check-in and check-out. Any changes made to reservations on either platform are automatically updated. Moreover, orders for room add-ons sync with RoomRaccoon reservations, making tracking and invoicing hassle-free.

Connect to the Great Stay App

Contact our Customer Success Team today to inquire about connecting to the Great Stay App. Not a RoomRaccoon customer? Get a free demo.


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