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All-in-one Hotelsoftware

All-in-one Hotelsoftware

Our hotel software is a total solution. You profit from a Property Management System, Channel Manager and a booking engine. Everything you need to make your accommodation successful.

Save a lot of time

Save a lot of time

With the Property Management System a lot of work is taken out of your hands. Automatic confirmation e-mails, invoicing, saving guest preferences and much more.

No more overbookings

No more overbookings

With the Channel Manager the room availability (and room rates) are updated real time. Is a room booked through a booking channel? Then the offer is immediately adapted on other connected channels.

More direct bookings

More direct bookings

Thanks to our Booking Engine you can get more direct bookings. Stop paying commission costs, with our booking module you get more bookings through the website of your own hotel.

Room reservation system

A room reservation system, also called Property Management System, is software to manage all room reservations in an efficient and easy way. However, a room reservation system also has a number of other useful options. For example, you can have invoices drawn up automatically, so you no longer need to use Word or Excel to draw up an invoice afterwards. But with this hotel management software, a confirmation e-mail is also sent directly to the booker after a reservation has been made. Is a specific hotel room booking cancelled? If so, this is also implemented directly within the hotel booking system.

Useful connections in the PMS

If you would like to use RoomRaccoon's (small) hotel software, you can also take advantage of our convenient Channel Manager. This makes it possible to automatically update the availability of rooms on external booking channels (OTA's). For example, if a booking comes in from Expedia, it will be processed directly into the room reservation system. The channel manager then ensures that the same hotel room is no longer shown on the other booking channels or on the website. An ideal room booking system that can save you a lot of time and prevent those annoying overbookings.

Would you like more direct bookings?

One of the most profitable features of our hotel management software is the online Booking Engine. With this you create the possibility that visitors can book a hotel room via the booking system on your own website. If a visitor comes to your website, this person can book a hotel room within your website on the desired dates. The biggest advantage of this is that you do not have to pay any commission on these bookings. Furthermore, it is just great that a room can be booked directly, no more unnecessary communication by e-mail, just a direct booking! The percentage with more direct room bookings can be as high as 27%.

Saving more time straight away?

Then take advantage of RoomRaccoon's room reservation system. Numerous useful features that ensure that you get more out of your hotel, at a fixed monthly rate. No high installation costs or purchase of expensive hardware, RoomRaccoon's room booking system works wherever and whenever you want. Would you like to add a note to a specific booking at home? That's no problem because RoomRaccoon works entirely in the Cloud. Would you like to make a quick report on the occupancy rate of your hotel rooms over the past few months? You can create a clear report with just one click of the mouse.

Happy customers

RoomRaccoon have provided us with a great tool which enable us to handle reservations completely hassle-free. The customised automation is particularly useful, especially as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

Carlos Bonito — Sweet Suites Lytham

The patience you have all shown has been outstanding and we are so grateful for the time you have spent to ensure we were comfortable with the end product.

Mark and Leigh Nevill — 10to12 Folkstone

RoomRaccoon is incredibly easy to use. Your customer service is excellent and I could not recommend RoomRaccoon highly enough.

Gordon Redgrave Scott — Chelford B&B