What is a Channel Manager?

A hotel channel manager takes care of the availability on booking channels such as Expedia, Booking.com and AirBnB. With channel manager software you ensure that the availability of your rooms or apartments is always up to date. Say bye bye to overbookings - and hello to a good night sleep! 

Do you really need channel manager software as a smaller or independent hotelier? A valid question, however... Just imagine you are receiving a new booking and just like magic, RoomRaccoon takes care of updating you new availability to all the channels within seconds. Wouldn't that be nice?

All-in-one: RoomRaccoon does it all!

It is pretty common among hotel software providers that a PMS (the management system that replaces the handwritten book and Excel) is a completely different company than the one that offers the channel manager and/or booking engine. A link can often be created between a PMS and a hotel channel manager, but as a hotelier you are dealing with two different providers and two independent contracts.

RoomRaccoon is a simple, all-in-one system and combines our own channel manager, PMS and booking engine in a single system. Simple, crystal clear and user-friendly. And should something go wrong unexpectedly, the blame cannot be shifted from one provider to another... 



Yes, but I only use Booking.com...

Great! Then there is a nice opportunity for you to save commission as well as generate more revenue. With the Channel Manager software from RoomRaccoon, your availability is not only automatically maintained on Booking.com, but without any worry, you also can advertise on your own website!

More and more guests like to compare hotels on booking channels such as Expedia and Booking.com. The booking channels kind of became the Google for hotels, ist't it? Some of these guests take the trouble to visit the website of the hotel in the hope for a package deal, better rate or simply because they would like to read more about you property. With RoomRaccoon Channel Management software you can easily set different room rates for each booking portal within seconds or offer coupons. How about a simple 5% direct booking discount to get more direct and commission free bookings?

You do that already when the guests call you? Awesome! Yet think about how many of your guests did not go the extra mile to actually write to you or pick up the phone to give you a call? Would you yourself ALWAYS take this extra time or do you also once in a while go back to the booking channel to book quickly?  



Channel Manager


With how many booking channels can I connect and are there extra charges?

With as many as you want, whenever you want and there are no extra charges! You can try out new channels, delete others that do not work for you and we will make sure that we connect them for you.

Sparen Sie sofort Zeit

Save time

Let RoomRaccoon Channel Manager do the work for you. You never need to update any booking channel manually. Booking as well as the guest details are imported automatically to your agenda.

Keine Überbuchungen mehr

Never an overbooking again

RoomRaccoon is synchronising your availability and rates in real time! 

Schnell einen höheren Auslastungsgrad

Yield & Revenue Management

RoomRaccoon actually has integrated Yield as well and it is free of charge. Manage your rates manually or set up Yield rules and let RoomRaccoon do the work for you. Early bird? Last minute? You name it and RoomRaccoon does it for you! With each new booking/cancellation, RoomRaccoon will check if a Yield rule should be triggered. Prevent giving too much or too little discount ever again.

In Echtzeit synchronisieren

Within seconds

Have you received a new booking from Expedia? Within seconds (actually milliseconds) we have updated your availability on Booing.com.

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