Most online bookers would explore more than one OTA before they book a room.
Maximise your online exposure, never deal with another overbooking and automatically accept virtual credit cards.

Our booking channel is fast, effective and easy-to-use.

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Increase your Occupancy Rate

By maximising your online exposure across all the available booking channels, you significantly increase your chances of getting a booking, and in turn your average occupancy rate will increase.




Avoid Overbookings

When you get a booking on one of your distribution channels or hotel's website, our channel manager will update your rates and availability on all the others within 5 seconds. That means that even during peak times, you never have to worry about another overbooking.

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More than just a Channel Manager

Our hotel channel manager is not a stand-alone product, but part of the full all-in-one package. It comes standard with RoomRaccoon and is fully integrated with your booking engine and the greater PMS. No need for extensive plug-ins and integrations. We are premium partners with all the major OTA's, both locally and internationally. This allows you to manage every aspect of your hotel from a single platform.

Hotel Channel Manager




Perfect for Independent Hotels

Our channel manager is designed to save independent hoteliers time and help them to maximise their online exposure. Directly integrated with our all-in-one hotel management software, this out-of-the box solution is here to you increase you occupancy rate and increase your revenue per available room.

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Real-time Synchronisation

RoomRaccoon is the fastest channel manager on the market. When you make a change or you get a booking on one of your channels, our system updates all the other channels within 5 seconds.





Automatically Accept Virtual Credit Cards

Stop wasting time dealing virtual credit cards coming from OTA's. With our all-in-one hotel management software, you can sit back and know that will do all the hard work for you.













Our channel manager is fully integrated with all major booking channels and OTA's. Manage your your property across all of them from an organised and effective channel manager.

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What is a Channel Manager?

Channel Manager is a powerful piece of software that provides a connection between the Property Management Software of your hotel or bed & breakfast and the websites of the OTA's (Online Travel Agency). With a Channel Manager you ensure that the availability of your rooms is visible on websites such as, Expedia or AirBnB.

When changes are made to the Property Management System, these will be immediately visible on the websites of the desired Online Travel Agency (thanks to the hotel Channel Manager software). It is possible for hotels to work without a channel manager, but this costs a lot of time and the chance of having overbookings will increase.

If you want to make the rooms available on multiple external online platforms, then it is advised to work with a channel manager.

Benefits of a Channel Manager

Why would you choose to use a channel manager and what are the benefits? The main advantage of a Channel Management system is that the number of overbookings is minimised while online exposure is maximised.

As hoteliers we know that overbookings are one biggest annoyances in our industry. It leads to wasted time and in some cases, unhappy guests. With a channel manager, all external booking channels are linked to the PMS. So if a room (via any channel) is booked, then the room availability is immediately changed on the OTA websites.

Another advantage of a Channel Manager is that you can get a higher occupancy rate by not only placing your hotel on, but using all the available channels. The more exposure you have, the higher your chances of getting booked, the higher your occupancy rate.



One central point

With a Channel Manager you manage all booking channels in just one program, namely the Property Management System. It does not matter which external booking channels you use, if you adjust a price in the PMS then it is implemented directly.

If a room is booked by telephone, you can adjust this in the system and the availability is adjusted in realtime on the external booking channels. Ideal to save a you time and avoid those annoying overbookings.

Do you want to use a last-minute discounts at the to get a higher occupancy rate? No problem, make a rule for it in the Yield Management Tool and the discount is immediately implemented on your own website and the websites of the online travel agencies.

When a booking canceled from one of the external booking channels our system will update it across all the others. RoomRaccoon is one of the few hotel channel managers to implement this directly in the a property management system that also syncs with your own website. 

Doubts about a Channel Manager?

Are you the owner of a bed & breakfast, guesthouse or do you own a hotel? Then you can always ask yourself if you want to use a channel manager system. On the one hand you can save some monthly costs and if you do not use external booking channels you do not have to pay commission costs, but on the other hand, a channel management system is a very powerful (marketing) instrument to increase the occupancy rates of your hotel and therefore help you increase your turnover.

That is why at RoomRaccoon we therefore include a channel manager directly into our all-in-one hotel management software. Minimise the commission you pay to or Expedia by using different room rates than on your own website. This way bookers will be encouraged to book directly through your website to claim the better rate. 

Our hotel management software makes this simple and easy to execute with nothing but a few clicks. Give it a try today.