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Taylor Swift is arguably the most successful musical artist of the time, and her Era’s Tour is just one example of this. The Era’s Tour is the culmination of Swift’s discography that spans 17 years, performed in one epic show. The concert itself is an incredible 3-and-a-half hours long, a once-in-a-lifetime tour that any Swiftie would hate to miss. This results in sold-out shows globally and fans flocking to specific locations. An unexpected consequence of the Eras Tour? Incredible economic impact wherever the tour travels, specifically in hospitality.


According to Forbes, “Beyond merely attending concerts, fans often extend their stays, fueling local economies through spending on dining, hotels, shopping, and guided tours. ‘Everyone can agree Taylor Swift is a cultural force to be reckoned with, but perhaps not everyone appreciates the economic impact she has on the places she visits,’”.


As the Era’s Tour moves from its first leg to the European Union, accommodation owners need to prepare for an influx of travellers and decide how to capitalise on the event. With RoomRaccoon’s hotel management software, there’ll be no blank spaces in your reservation calendar!


Why you’ll be a Lover of Dynamic Pricing


Hospitality owners should be no strangers to dynamic pricing, and if there was ever a time to set up rules in the EU – it’s ahead of your area’s Era Tour dates! Dynamic pricing is all about keeping your hotel competitive by automatically adjusting rates based on how your rooms are booked and how close you are to check-in time. 


Dynamic pricing enables hotels to adjust their rates in real-time based on demand fluctuations. As the tour dates approach and the demand for accommodations near the venue increases, hotels can raise their prices to reflect this surge in interest. This ensures that the hotel can capture the additional willingness to pay from fans who are eager to secure a room close to the event.


In high-demand situations such as major concert tours, hotels are vying for a limited number of potential guests. Dynamic pricing allows hotels to stay competitive by adjusting prices to reflect real-time market conditions. By monitoring competitors’ pricing strategies and adjusting their own rates accordingly, hotels can attract more bookings while maximising revenue. Let’s go through a dynamic pricing rule that you could apply during the Era’s Tour booking surge.


Example: High-demand rule


Situation: With the announcement of Taylor Swift’s concert dates, there’s a noticeable spike in room bookings. If the availability drops below 10 rooms and the check-in dates are within 30 days of the concert date, it’s a clear indicator of high demand driven by the event.


Action: Increase room prices by 40% for the remaining rooms. Additionally, if bookings are made within 14 days of the concert date, apply an additional 20% increase.


Outcome: By adjusting prices in response to the high demand and limited availability, hoteliers can significantly boost their revenue. Fans booking last-minute accommodations are often willing to pay premium prices to ensure they have a place to stay close to the concert venue.


Provide a Getaway Car for Concertgoers


By ‘getaway car’ (IFYKYK), we’re of course referring to shuttle services. Offering a shuttle service from the hotel to the Taylor Swift Eras Tour locations can significantly enhance the guest experience and attract more bookings. It alleviates the stress of finding transportation, especially in unfamiliar areas, making the hotel more appealing compared to competitors. Additionally, it can enhance guest satisfaction and loyalty, leading to positive reviews and repeat business.


From the hoteliers’ perspective, offering a shuttle service can be a strategic revenue driver. It can justify premium room rates, improve operational efficiency, and enhance the hotel’s reputation for guest-oriented services. It can also foster partnerships with local transportation companies, potentially lowering operational costs and enhancing the hotel’s reputation for providing comprehensive, guest-oriented services. 

Make Guests’ Wildest Dreams a Reality


While Dynamic Pricing is a fairly standard practice in hospitality, there are some extra special things you can prepare for your prospective guests. In any fandom, there are niche interests and devout dedication to themes and ideas that they champion. Swifties are a perfect example of this. 


We’ve created a few Taylor-made add-ons and packages that would enchant any Swiftie gearing up for the Eras Tour. The best way to implement these add-ons and packages is with hotel reservation software that enables easy-to-use automated upselling.


‘Lavender Haze’ Spa Day

Does your accommodation offer spa facilities? Whether in-house or outsourced, guests travelling with the excitement of a concert can undoubtedly use some rejuvenation. Whether it’s patrons’ parents or Swifties looking to calm down post-show, offering a spa day around the weekend of her concerts can help you boost ancillary revenue.


‘Champagne Problems’ Post-concert Brunch

Post-concert debriefs are a must! How else will concertgoers be able to gush in admiration over their shared experience? Inspired by one of Swift’s most famous songs, your property can host a “champagne problems” post-concert brunch. Think Mimosas, fresh pastries, delicious coffee, and a buffet for guests to recuperate and reminisce on their experience.


‘Make the Friendship Bracelets’ Workshop: 

In her recent album, Midnights – Taylor introduced a fun new avenue for her fans. Cue friendship bracelets! Swifties immediately took to the idea and began creating Swift-Inspired friendship bracelets. The concept was inspired by her lyrics in the song You’re On Your Own Kid, “So make the friendship bracelets, Take the moment and taste it”. 


These nostalgic homemade bracelets with glass beads and old-school lettering became a tradition for concertgoers. At Era’s Tour performances, Swifties wear and trade friendship bracelets. Want your hotel guests to have an unforgettable keepsake and experience? Host a “make the friendship” bracelet workshop and delight your guests, allowing them to mingle with a shared love of Swift’s talent.


‘Enchanted’ Swiftie Meet & Greet

If you’re looking to help guests staying for the Era’s Tour connect, why not host a small meet-and-greet? If there’s one thing Swifties love just as much as Taylor’s music, it’s meeting people who share the sentiment. With RoomRaccoon’s system, you can manage extra rooms and spaces with our grey room feature. Simply book a space in your hotel and offer the option for guests to meet the morning of the concert or the evening before her show. 


Offer Taylor-Made Add-ons for the Era’s Tour



If you’d like to implement some Taylor-made experiences but can’t commit to entire packages, offering these custom add-ons is a great way to raise your RevPAR and delight Swifties.


Era’s tour essentials:  Help your guests be prepared for the unexpected! Offer a package that includes concert essentials like a portable charger, snacks, or items to suit your local climate like a raincoat or fan.


Bejewelled glitter packs: Create cute packs of facial glitter and gems! Swifties love a little sparkle and if they’d forgotten some due to excitement, this optional add-on could help light up their night.


Hold on to the memories: Include a bookable add-on in your booking engine to purchase a disposable camera or Polaroid film. Any concertgoer knows that memories last a lifetime, but photographs last forever.


‘Midnights’ dinner special: Concert patrons are sure to be ravenous after singing and dancing all night. Prepare your hotel to serve up some late-night dinners well past 12 am, as an ode to Swift’s album, Midnights.


Pre-concert wine selection: Enable guests to pre-book their wine of choice as they get dolled up for the concert. Your guests can enjoy rosé flowing with their chosen family, you can enjoy more revenue per available room.


‘So high school’ snacks and beverages: Chances are you’ll have some younger Swifties in attendance – why not cater to them too? Create a limited range of Taylor Swift-inspired cocktails and snacks that her younger fans can enjoy before the show.


Sell Souvenirs that Never Go Out of Style


Your property could also partner with local designers and businesses to create Eras Tour souvenirs. This can help differentiate properties from competitors and support the local economy. Items such as custom-designed keychains, postcards, or themed room decor can serve as cherished souvenirs for guests, adding a personalised touch to their stay. 


By highlighting the local culture and craftsmanship, hotels can differentiate themselves from competitors, making their offerings more attractive to fans looking for a unique and memorable stay experience. Just remember to respect the merchandising rights of Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour. 


Would’ve, Could’ve, Should’ve?

We don’t want your hotel to echo Swift’s regretful lyrics of “Would’ve, Could’ve, Should’ve”. Prepare your hotel for the EU Era’s Tour with the best hotel management software and don’t miss out on maximising revenue and delighting guests. 


Don’t have time to manually manage your rate strategy? Our Dynamic Pricing solves this problem by automating price adjustments, freeing up time for you to focus on providing guests with unforgettable experiences.


RoomRaccoon also enables the upselling of add-ons and packages as discussed. What’s more, you can offer these experience-enhancing add-ons to guests during online booking and online check-in for ultimate revenue. Easily oversee all of your property’s reservations, payments, add-ons and more with an all-in-one PMS.


Whether you’re a B&B, Hostel, Apartment, Airbnb, or vacation rental – RoomRaccoon has a solution for you ahead of the Era’s Tour!


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