Increase your total revenue per room with Automated Upselling

Allow your guests to seamlessly upgrade rooms or purchase add-ons with our integrated upsell feature. Set it up, sit back and watch your revenue per room increase.


RoomRaccoon Upsell

Raccoon Upsell 

Upsell Room

Who can resist a more spacious room with better views? Upsell room upgrades at opportune times in the guest journey.

RoomRaccoon adoption 

Greater Utilisation
of Amenities 

Make the most of your property's amenities and generate more revenue from add-ons like breakfast, in-room extras and, activities.

RoomRaccoon Upsell 

Monitor Your
Stock Levels

Our automated upselling feature has inventory control, so you never have to worry about overselling.

Upsell for higher return on investment

With RaccoonUpsell, you can offer guests relevant extras to improve their stay and overall experience. Include add-ons in the booking engine and during online check-in, the most opportune times to upsell.

Increased customer satisfaction Increased customer satisfaction through added value

How to get higher RevPAR Higher RevPAR through increased spending

Partner Opportunity to partner with local businesses

Raccoon Upsell

9 Proven Upselling Techniques for Hotels in 2022

Hotel managers that don’t include upselling in their sales strategy are leaving money on the table. In this guide, we explore 9 ways how you can upsell at your property to increase your revenue, build deeper relationships with customers and put your property’s amenities to good use.




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Save time with automated front desk tasks like generating invoices.
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Hotel Booking Engine  Booking Engine >

Capture and process direct bookings directly on your website. 
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Hotel Channel Manager  Channel Manager >

Sell all your rooms on multiple booking channels at the same time.

Payment Processing  Payment Processing >

Instantly process transactions at any point in the customer journey.
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Revenue management  Revenue Management >

Take a closer look at what your competitors are doing with a CompSET.

RoomRaccoon Housekeeping

Plantage Rococo Eco Hotel generated £14,000 in extra revenue in 2021 by using RaccoonUpsell


“I would definitely recommend RaccoonUpsell to others! We do sell a bottle of champagne every weekend, and the massages are always fully booked.” 

Anja de Rijk - Hotel Owner


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