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RoomRaccoon joins The Hotel Partnership


RoomRaccoon is delighted to announce it is the first software company to join the Hospitality Partnership. Adam Clarke, UK Country Manager for RoomRaccoon, explains how the relationship will work.


It has been a year of upheaval and economic strife for many businesses, but the hospitality sector has been hit harder than most by the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns. Our industry relies on our customers being able to travel and the lockdowns have unfortunately led to a sharp dip in footfall.Many venues, hotels, restaurants, bars and attractions have struggled to make ends meet and have found it difficult to retain staff, especially those with expertise, as their budgets are put under pressure.Some have had to tighten their purse strings, reducing their staff budget and putting backroom employees on furlough.

If a hotel is not getting as many visitors due to the pandemic, they may not be able to afford to employ people full time in areas like marketing, PR, business development or sales. That’s why we want to give something back.The Hospitality Partnership has created a bank of industry experts - covering everything from PR and business development to training and sales - who can be outsourced to companies that need them.These industry professionals can be hired out for as little as a day to give advice on how to improve the way the businesses work and to help them through this trying time. We are proud to be part of that endeavour.

As the first software company to join the partnership, we are looking forward to sharing some of our knowledge and advice with those in the hospitality industry to help give them the best chance of thriving. We hope our expertise in software and booking will help companies in the sector weather the storm and flourish despite the circumstances. For more on The Hospitality Partnership visit