What is Yield Management?

Within the hotel industry, Yield Management is a strategy that contributes to achieving the highest possible return. The room rates are updated based on the availability of the hotel rooms. You can think of last minute discounts, so that at the last moment rooms can be booked at a lower room rate. But you can also think of raising room rates on the date of a public holiday or an event taking place near your hotel or Bed & Breakfast.

Yield Management within your hotel?

With this handy and user-friendly feature you can set rules within RoomRaccoon to determine the price increases (or reductions). By setting these rules, the prices are adjusted automatically when the occupancy rate for specific dates is very high. But with yield management, the prices are reduced when few hotel rooms are booked in a specific period. Bottom line: A handy feature that contributes to the simple achievement of higher returns.

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Convenient functionality

The developers of RoomRaccoon have chosen to add this useful functionality to our Hotel Software. This functionality is very unique and you can immediately benefit from it. The main advantage is that now the prices of the hotel rooms are automatically reduced based on the rules you have set. If there are not enough rooms booked yet, then the prices will go down and if a specific weekend is almost full, the room prices will automatically rise. How easy do you want it to be?

All-in-one Hotel Software

In addition to the Yield Management function, RoomRaccoon's hotel software includes a Channel Manager, a Property Management System and a so-called booking module. All in all the most ideal composition for your hotel or Bed & Breakfast. Do you want to achieve a higher turnover with your hotel or Bed & Breakfast? Take advantage of RoomRaccoon. Our software is made by and for hoteliers. Need help with transferring your current data to RoomRaccoon's hotel software? Then we are happy to assist you!