Automated payment processing with RaccoonPay

Make it easy, fast, and secure for your guests to pay at any point in the customer journey, online or at the front desk. RaccoonPay is our fully integrated all-in-one payment platform that uses automation to process transactions, saving you time and costs instantly.




Payment Methods

More ways to get paid and we’re always working to add even more.






Fully integrated with a dedicated RaccoonPay Dashboard


As an all-in-one hotel solution, our integrated payment gateway guarantees quick and easy payments through the RoomRaccoon booking engine, channel manager, and at your reception desk with the RoomRaccoon PMS-linked card machine.


And because it's integrated into our system already, you won't have to worry about searching for payment data in separate extranets — we've got it covered in your dedicated RaccoonPay Dashboard. You can see a real-time overview of all payment activity; payments, payouts, refunds, and more!





Additional Features

RoomRaccoon Automated AccountingPayments overview

See a real-time overview of all payment activity; payments, payouts, refunds, and more!

RoomRaccoon Online Check-inCustomisable digital documents

Add your logo and customise the theme of your pre or post-arrival payment requests and more.

RoomRaccoon Automated UpsellEmail automation

Send confirmation emails when payments have successfully been processed.

RoomRaccoon Revenue ManagementPayment reporting

Track where most of your payments come from and which payment methods are most popular.

RoomRaccoon ID ScannerBooking engine payments

Capture direct bookings and process payments directly on your website and social media channels with the RoomRaccoon booking engine.

RaccoonSiteChannel manager payments

Store credit card details from OTAs like Booking.com and charge the card with one click.



One-click payments

Processing payments is one of the essential parts of your business — but it does not have to be taxing. RaccoonPay frees your staff from time-consuming manual data entry with digital payment documents like payment requests during the guest journey.



Pooled inventory 

One-click credit card charges

Card details are completed by RaccoonPay. Simply initiate payments with a single click.

Dynamic rate 

Card pre-authorisation

Verify whether credit cards are valid and hold funds for 3 days in case of no-shows and breakage fees.

Virtual Credit cards 

Payment requests

Is an invoice overdue? Request payment via email at any time with just one click.

Virtual Credit cards 


Ask guests to pay a deposit when they make a reservation in the booking engine to reduce the risk of no-shows.



Security you and your guests can rely on

RaccoonPay has been built to store and process property and guest data safely. We merge industry-leading security standards and automation to reduce the risk of fraud, theft, or manual errors.


RoomRaccoon Automated AccountingPSD2 compliant

RaccoonPay is compliant with the SCA that performs multi-factor authentication, to increase the security of electronic payments.

RoomRaccoon Online Check-in3D Secure authentication

RaccoonPay works with the latest version of 3D Secure to authenticate the cardholder performing the transaction.

RoomRaccoon Automated UpsellCard pre-authorisation

Verify whether credit cards are valid and charge pre-authorised cards of guests that do not show up as per your cancelation policy.

RoomRaccoon Revenue Management Tokenisation

All card details are tokenised, so that data is not visible when stored in RaccoonPay.

RoomRaccoon ID ScannerChargeback support

RaccoonPay notifies you of the chargeback and submits information to the acquiring company.

RaccoonSiteEnd-to-end encryption

Transaction encryption from the point of sale to the endpoint.





Let guests pay in person with a RaccoonPay Card Machine. Payments are automatically transferred from the reservation to the card machine, ensuring fast and error-free payments. The best part? No set-up fees!


RoomRaccon add-ons Super quick installation process into your Wi-Fi password 

RoomRaccoon package deals Wireless connection to the payment dashboard with real-time reporting 

RoomRaccoon prestay emails Error messages are directly visible in the dashboard

ROOMRaccoon discounts Monthly invoices include the breakdown of transaction costs 

RoomRaccoon Support No unexpected costs for more expensive credit cards


Best industry rates, no hidden costs

RaccoonPay is fully transparent with no hidden fees. Download our quick guide for a complete breakdown of transaction costs and see how we save you money.  



RaccoonPay onboarding programme  

You may think that switching to a new payment solution is a difficult thing to do — but not for us! With our hands-on implementations team, you'll be on your way to smoother business transactions in just a few days.