Put Guests in the Driver's Seat With Online Check-In for Hotels

Guests want to choose how they interact with your property. Online check-in is the easy and convenient self-service option that promotes social distancing. It’s also the most opportune time to upsell property amenities. 



RoomRaccoon Online Check-in


Online Checkin 

Reduce check-in queues by 70%

Allow guests to kick up their feet sooner or let them skip the front desk altogether with room key connectivity.

RoomRaccoon Upsell 

Upsell more value-added amenities

Online check-in is the most opportune time to upsell relevant add-ons like in-room extras, breakfast, and activities.

 RoomRaccoon online payments

Collect payments online

Include a payment request during online check-in to collect the partial or full amount of the guests' stay.



Deliver a better experience with mobile guest check-in


RoomRaccoon will send your guest a customisable pre-stay email with a link to an online form that allows them to fill in the required details and settle the full or partial amount before arrival. 


RoomRaccoon prestay emails Set up a pre-stay email with an online check-in form.

 RoomRaccoon RevPAR Include automated upselling and increase your RevPAR. 

RoomRaccoon online check-in Increase online check-in efficiency with a digital ID scanner.


RoomRaccoon UK Online Check-in

6 Benefits and Advantages of Hotel Online Check-In


More and more hotel guests are skipping the front desk and heading straight to their rooms. Corporate travellers especially expect this convenience, but now even leisure travellers are following suit. 




Additional tools & features from RoomRaccoon

UK Property Management System  Property Management System >

Save time with automated front desk tasks like generating invoices.

UK Hotel Booking Engine  Booking Engine >

Capture and process direct bookings directly on your website. 
RoomRaccoon UK

UK Hotel Channel Manager  Channel Manager >

Sell all your rooms on multiple booking channels at the same time.

RoomRaccoon Payments  Payment Processing >

Instantly process transactions at any point in the customer journey.
RoomRaccoon customer journey

Revenue Management System  Revenue Management >

Take a closer look at what your competitors are doing with a CompSET.

RoomRaccoon Housekeeping