Independent Hotels

Your property is one-of-a-kind. And that’s why you deserve a one-of-a-kind hotel software solution that elevates every aspect of your property. Your business, your guests, your staff. 



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One system. Many features.

RoomRaccoon is the most complete hotel management software. If you're a small or independent hotel in a budget-conscious world where all things can be purchased and separately installed, then an all-in-one solution is the way to go.

You profit from our award-winning Property Management System, Channel Manager, and Booking Engine. Everything you need to make your accommodation successful.




Property Management System (PMS)

The PMS allows you to manage all internal matters, such as room reservations, guest preferences, and the availability of hotel rooms. But that's not all, with RoomRaccoon's software for small hotels you can also automatically send invoices and confirmation emails directly.

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Channel Manager

A Channel Manager establishes the connection between OTAs and the PMS. With the PMS you can easily manage the availability of hotel rooms and rates, while the Channel Manager ensures that changes are made directly to the external booking channels.


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Booking Engine

The Booking Engine is a very powerful piece of software for small hotels. It ensures that visitors to your website can directly book a hotel room. This is done without intermediate parties and OTA's so that you do not have to pay commission costs for the hotel booking.


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A hotel management system that drives efficiency everywhere 

Put your property on auto-pilot and focus your efforts on the guest experience.  


Save time

Maximize your time with a fully automated front desk; instant confirmation e-mails, invoicing, online check-in, and much more. 


Escape the front desk

RoomRaccoon is cloud-based so you can access your property’s operations wherever you are, through any device. 


Get 27% more direct bookings

Capture commission-free bookings any time of the day on your website. The booking engine automatically processes payments and reservation details.  


Increase RevPAR by 35% 

Increase your revenue per room with powerful upsell tools and yield management functionality.


Accelerate growth, without complexity

User-friendly design that's perfect for everyday front desk managers.


Customise your property

RoomRaccoon integrates with 138+ third-party partners. Our partners are hand-selected industry experts that can help your business grow in even more ways. They offer a wide range of tools and features like accounting automation and revenue management.



"The integration and automation of the RoomRaccoon system - that reduces the need for manual intervention - is a revolution in hotel management software."


- Jayson Van Noordwyk, General Manager 


O’Two Hotel, South Africa 




1. What all-in-one hotel management system features do small hotels need?

Unlike large hotel chains, your budget may be limited. But that doesn’t mean you can’t play in the same league. RoomRaccoon’s all-in-one hotel management system was created with small hotels in mind with big goals and high expectations for increased revenue and productivity. 


  • Simplified front desk management
  • Booking sites management and distribution
  • Advanced reporting
  • Guest communication management
  • Increased revenue per customer
  • Automatic payment processing


2. Why is an all-in-one hotel management system better for independent hotels?



3. How much does RoomRaccoon’s hotel management software cost?

Independently owned hotels and smaller accommodation properties should not be expected to pay the same as 100 room hotel chains. That’s why our tiered subscription packages are based on the number of rooms at your property. Hotel owners and managers can choose between our Entry, Starter, and Premium packages that best fit their property’s needs. Learn more. 


So let's talk. Set up a demo at whatever time suits you, and we'll show you how to become more efficient, boost revenue, and improve the guest experience.