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Save a lot of time!

Save a lot of time!

With a Hotel Management System you can save a lot of time. Bookings are managed in the Cloud and many processes are automated. Get rid of that paper reservation book!

Automatic e-mails

Automatic e-mails

Many processes are automated thanks to a PMS system. You can think of automatic e-mail confirmations, automatic invoicing and guests can easily check in with one mouse click.

All reservations in the cloud

All reservations in the cloud

From now on you can view all your reservations wherever and whenever you want. The Hotel Reception software is safe and fully 'responsive' on a laptop, tablet and smartphone.

Access to the PMS everywhere

Access to the PMS everywhere

The PMS system works completely in the cloud, you no longer need expensive hardware. View the reservations on a tablet or make an adjustment whenever and wherever you want.

Hotel Reception Software needed?

Are you the proud owner of a hotel or a Bed & Breakfast? But are you looking for hotel reception software to perfect the administrative part? Then it is certainly interesting to have a look at the hotel reception software from RoomRaccoon. Our hotel management software is made for and by hotel owners, so you can keep track of your business. With our reception software you can save a lot of time. Invoices and confirmation emails are created and sent automatically. All reservations are secure in the cloud. Would you like to try the hotel PMS for your hotel? No problem, just create a free account and we will be happy to help you.

Ideal PMS Software for hotels

Hotel reception software is more or less the same as property management software. This is the digital beating heart of your hotel. All reservations are placed in the system and many processes are automated. Think of cancellations, deposits, reminders and confirmation emails. Using our property management system you can save a lot of time. Even if you're not in the Burt of your hotel, you can take care of things remotely. The hotel software works in the cloud and can be viewed in an internet browser. No expensive hardware is needed and the software can be used on any device.

Convenient features for your hotel

With the help of hotel reception software, many processes are facilitated within your hotel. It is even possible to generate clear reports. With these reports you get a quick overview of the room occupancy. But also an overview of booking channels that perform best. You can also see which countries your guests come from. With all these data you will get new insights time and time again, to which you can respond during the new season. Furthermore, the hotel software is very safe for a hotel. All customer data is safely stored in the cloud. So if something happens to the computer, all data is safely online.

Even more useful features

RoomRaccoon's hotel software doesn't just consist of a hotel reception system. But you can also benefit from a cost-effective Channel Manager and a user-friendly booking engine. With the Channel Manager you can make your rooms directly visible on external booking websites and OTAs. Think of, Expedia or for example AirBnB. Many people use these kind of websites, so make sure you are in between them. Would you prefer more direct bookings through your own website? Then make use of our booking module. The biggest advantage of direct bookings is that you don't have to pay commission.

Happy customers

RoomRaccoon have provided us with a great tool which enable us to handle reservations completely hassle-free. The customised automation is particularly useful, especially as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

Carlos Bonito — Sweet Suites Lytham

The patience you have all shown has been outstanding and we are so grateful for the time you have spent to ensure we were comfortable with the end product.

Mark and Leigh Nevill — 10to12 Folkstone

RoomRaccoon is incredibly easy to use. Your customer service is excellent and I could not recommend RoomRaccoon highly enough.

Gordon Redgrave Scott — Chelford B&B