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More direct bookings!

More direct bookings!

A booking engine is the way to get more direct bookings through your own website. No more old-fashioned web forms, just a direct insight into your room availability.

No more commission costs

No more commission costs

With our booking module, you no longer have to pay commission fees to or Expedia. All bookings that arrive via the booking module via your website are free of commission.

A direct link with the PMS

A direct link with the PMS

When a customer books a room through the booking module, this is adjusted real-time in the Property Management System. This is then directly applied to the external booking channels.

Create your own arrangements

Create your own arrangements

An ideal way to get more sales, for example make an arrangement for a whole weekend. Or combine a number of nights with a dinner or delicious wine arrangement.

Hotel booking system needed?

Are you the owner of a small or medium sized hotel? And are you looking for a way to get more direct bookings through your own website? Then you can take advantage of RoomRaccoon's PMS software. Excellent hotel management software with a convenient hotel booking system. This makes it even possible to obtain up to 27% more direct bookings. These are bookings where you do not have to pay any commission to intermediaries or OTA's. Just direct bookings, without those annoying commission costs. But that's not all, if you use the hotel booking system you can fully customise it to your wishes. Place your own logo in the booking system or customise the colours to match the corporate identity of your hotel website.

Create your own arrangements

Within the hotel management software of RoomRaccoon you can create your own arrangements. With the help of arrangements you can achieve more return on investment. For example, combine a trip to the zoo, a museum or amusement park with a number of hotel stays. It is easy to realise in the hotel booking system. When you have created an arrangement, you can put it directly 'live' on your website. So apart from the fact that you pay less commission costs, you can also get more return on investment by using your own packages. It is also very easy to add several add-ons to a stay. You can think of a late check-out, a fantastic breakfast or a delicious bottle of champagne in your room. Plenty of possibilities in our hotel booking system.

Bookings without commission costs

Nowadays it happens all too often that people first look for a nice hotel in, Expedia or Agoda. But people know that sometimes they can save money by looking up the hotel's own website. Actually, it makes a lot of sense, within a few minutes the savings can amount to several tens of pounds. Ideal for the hotel owner, of course, that a visitor makes a direct booking. But of course you have to offer the possibility on the website. That's why a hotel booking system is so important, because it allows you to place a booking directly. No more unnecessary e-mails or half-filled contact forms. Just a complete direct booking and it is even possible that people pay in advance. How easy do you want it to be as a hotelier?

Numerous advantages with RoomRaccoon

With a hotel booking system you can already achieve a lot of extra return. You can try the software temporarily and we will be happy to give you an extensive demonstration of the system. If you want to use our hotel management software you only pay a fixed amount per month. We make sure that the hotel program stays up to date and up-to-date and you can easily make those extra direct bookings. In addition to a hotel booking system you will also benefit from our time-saving property management software and channel manager. All these services together make your life as a hotelier easier. Of course you can use your time better than writing invoices and other things. Take advantage of our user-friendly hotel booking system.

Happy customers

RoomRaccoon is incredibly easy to use. Your customer service is excellent and I could not recommend RoomRaccoon highly enough.


Gordon Redgrave Scott

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The patience you have all shown has been outstanding and we are so grateful for the time you have spent to ensure we were comfortable with the end product.


Mark and Leigh Nevill

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What is RoomRaccoon in one word……. BRILLIANT


Michelle Dardford

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