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Start saving time now

Start saving time now

With a Channel Manager you can really save a lot of time. In no time your offer is on your selection of OTAs. Manually adding rooms to is now a thing of the past.

No more overbookings

No more overbookings

Thanks to the real-time synchronization, your room offer is updated immediately after a booking on all external booking channels and the booking engine. Say goodbye to overbookings!

Increase your occupancy rate

Increase your occupancy rate

Want to increase the occupancy rate of your apartment? With the Channel Manager you can quickly place your room availability to new booking channels. Empty rooms cost money after all!

Real-time synchronization

Real-time synchronization

Thanks to automatic synchronization, your room availability on booking channels remains up-to-date. If a guest cancels a room, it will be immediately available on the other OTA websites.

Need a Channel Manager?

Are you the owner of a flat and would you like to offer its availability on websites such as, AirBnB or Expedia? Then RoomRaccoon's Channel Manager might be the solution for your flat. With our user-friendly Channel Manager, you can check availability in no time on the websites of the most popular booking channels. How easy do you want it to be and think about the amount of time you can save with it. When you make a booking through, your flat's availability is instantly updated on other booking channels such as Expedia or AirBnb.

Minimize the number of overbookings

Every hotelier or owner of a flat has to deal with this, overbooking is totally undesirable and causes a lot of loss of time and frustration. With an easy-to-use and efficient apartment Channel Manager you can minimize overbooking for your flat. No more guests with a booking confirmation at the door while the flat is already fully booked, just no more overbooking. With a Channel Manager and the Property Management Software, the availability of your flat on all channels is directly implemented. Everything is fully automated so you can save time and no more overbooking.

Is a Channel Manager essential?

Would you prefer to manually check the availability of your flat on all the external booking channels you use? Or do you want to spend a lot of extra time on administration while this can also be automated? For an attractive monthly rate you can already use a Channel Manager for your flat. You will not only benefit from a Channel Manager, but also from a powerful Booking Engine and time-saving Property Management System. So if you'd rather have time to focus on your guests, use RoomRaccoon's hotel software. The system that will save you time and increase your return on investment.

Why choose RoomRaccoon?

RoomRaccoon's hotel software is made by and for hoteliers. We know the pitfalls hoteliers and bed & breakfast owners face. With our hotel software we want to significantly reduce these pitfalls. The problem of unwanted transfers is solved with our Channel Manager and the commission costs can be reduced thanks to our Booking Engine. This piece of software is a powerful tool to realise more direct (and therefore commission free) bookings. Are you interested in our hotel program? Then you can try it for free, create a free account and get started!

Happy customers

RoomRaccoon have provided us with a great tool which enable us to handle reservations completely hassle-free. The customised automation is particularly useful, especially as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

Carlos Bonito — Sweet Suites Lytham

The patience you have all shown has been outstanding and we are so grateful for the time you have spent to ensure we were comfortable with the end product.

Mark and Leigh Nevill — 10to12 Folkstone

RoomRaccoon is incredibly easy to use. Your customer service is excellent and I could not recommend RoomRaccoon highly enough.

Gordon Redgrave Scott — Chelford B&B