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How to find the USP of your accommodation

How to find the USP of your accommodation

The hospitality industry is filled with a wide range of options, for consumers to choose. We know that it can be hard to stand out from your competition, that is why it’s important to look for your unique selling proposition. After discovering your USP, you can start implementing this in your marketing and advertising strategy, which can lead to more revenue. 

To find your USP, it is important to start asking yourself some questions and do some research. Many accommodations just advertise with them being the best at everything, but 9 out of 10 times they will fail this promise. Next to that, it’s important to identify how you want to present yourself to your hopefully soon-to-be customers. Let’s deep dive straight into how you can find the USP of your accommodation: 

Who is your target audience?  

Some interesting questions to ask yourself are who are my customers and what is important to them? Who is my ideal guest? Grab a pen and paper and start writing down everything you know about your customers. Are they looking for a place just to sleep or do they appreciate a nicely designed room? Do they want the full luxury package or do they prefer a more traditional stay with a homemade breakfast? After creating this list, take a moment to consider why they choose to stay with you.

Take a look at your competitors
It’s always important to know what your (direct) competition is doing and how they place themselves in the market. Do a bit of market research and check out their website and social media. It can help to write down how they might be meeting your target audience needs. If you don’t outshine your competition on this, it’s time for the next step.

Test and (re)define your USP
After your research, you can start analyzing your findings. Try to write down your USP in one or two scentesses to keep it clear. What makes you unique? What makes your place one-of-a-kind? If you find it hard, it could help to test your USP by working with a focus group. This of course takes some time and organisation, but it will definitely benefit you when doing it right. Set up a brainstorming session with 5 to 10 ideal guests. You can ask the group questions like what kind of efforts they would like to see from accommodations in the area? Or, does this USP offer them a better value? Make sure that you provide your panel with some nice snacks and drinks during this session. Next to that, you can give them a discount voucher for a night at your place, as a thank you for their effort. 

Market your USP

You now have found your USP, so let’s start using it! Your USP should be conveyed throughout your marketing and advertising strategy, but it also can be the starting point on development of your business. Here are some ideas on how to market your USP:

  • Create a page on your website that really showcases what you will promise your guests. Then they will instantly know why they should stay at your accommodation.

  • Create visuals that really show your USP, that will bring it more to life. You can share these on your social media and your own website.

  • Write a blog focused on your USP. It can help if your (potential) guest read more in depth about your USP. You can also think about interviewing one of your guests for a real customer experience. 

Overall, keep on testing your USP. The most important thing is that you make sure that you never over oblige. Promise only what you can deliver and never overcommit. Goodluck with finding your USP!