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Save on your bookkeeping costs with RoomRaccoon

Save on your bookkeeping costs with RoomRaccoon

Companies are obliged to keep their accounting records and to create detailed financial reports. Hoteliers usually spend around €20 per room, per month to have their bookkeeper manually enter data into the accounting system, such as Exact, Twinfield or Quickstart. It’s time to cut your bookkeeping costs.


RoomRaccoon can automate this process by putting all invoiced conversions & payments into the accounting system, correctly allocated to the predefined general ledger accounts. This process relieves the accountant of his manual tasks, saving many hours of work. Hours that do not have to be invoiced to you, the hotelier.



Hoteliers' experiences:

"I don't have a clue about accounting and I trust my accountant to do what's necessary. I had never thought about the possibility of automating the process of data entry before RoomRaccoon suggested it to me. I'm glad they did, because I now pay €500 a month less than before". 

- Nadja Buckenberger, Bliss Hotel (9 rooms, NL, uses Twinfield)


 Upgrade package
RoomRaccoon's Accounting automation package includes financial reporting and a link to accounting software; a managed service that automatically places all invoiced revenue & payments into a supported accounting software. RoomRaccoon will actively assist in setting up the proper general ledger accounts needed by your accountant.