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Customer Story: In het Huis van...

Customer Story: In het Huis van...

Last weekend I visited Deventer, where a beautiful Dutch hotel works with the RoomRaccoon Hotel Software: In het huis van Deventer. A stately mansion located on the main market square. Standing in front of the hotel, you look out on the impressive church that stretches high in the sky and which used to be the central point of the city. Through the stone steps, you walk into the hotel where warmth and a fresh scent of coffee will immediately meet you. As soon as I enter the restaurant of the hotel, I am greeted by Rob, co-owner of the hotel. He has a cup of coffee in his hands, but immediately takes the time to welcome me.


In het Huis van Deventer Front

The restaurant, which also serves as a reception area, has a friendly atmosphere. I immediately feel at ease and impressed. The lady standing in the open kitchen asks me if I want something to drink. I kindly say no thank you, because there is still so much to discover. In the meantime Rob gets a phone-call and just minutes later two guests enter the hotel. They also get a very warm welcome and I notice that Rob is very passionate about his hotel and his profession. I see a twinkle in the eyes of the guests and I can't wait to see more of the hotel. It is time to lead the guests to their room and I am lucky enough that they let me check out their room as well. I follow Rob and his guests up the stairs to the first floor, where – next to hotel rooms, there is a beautiful, spacious kitchen called the Republic of Daventria. As soon as you step into the kitchen - which is freely accessible to the guests - you immediately realize where the name comes from: it breathes the atmosphere of the 80s.


In het Huis van Deventer Impression


In het Huis van Deventer Pick-up

I quickly checkout the room of the guests who just arrived. Remember when you were little, when you loved to jump on beds? This room is every child's dream! The bed is so big, that it can sleep four people. How wonderful! I wish the guests a wonderful holiday and continue my voyage of discovery through the hotel. Literally every room has been created with great attention for design. Rob tells that they have worked together with interior designer Ellen Schild of Studio Groen+Schild and the artist duo Albert Deddenen and Paul Keizer, known as Spacecowboys. In het huis van Deventer can be called a real boutique hotel, it's a passionate project where a good eye for detail and love for art have come together. Each room is unique and tells its own story. During my tour of the hotel, Rob tells me that he loves to work with the RoomRaccoon software. He finds the system very user friendly and easy to use. Of course, that's great fun to hear, but it's also ideal if you're so busy with business. For example, Rob says that in addition to this hotel, they also offer houses in the vicinity of Deventer and even organise hotel room concerts in the hotel. That must be super inspiring evenings! 






Hotel Room

When I leave the hotel a little later to continue my day, I'm full of energy. Rob's enthusiasm is incredibly contagious. There's nothing better than meeting our clients and hearing their stories. In that way, we can learn from each other and continue to improve the RoomRaccoon system. We want to make life easier for as many hoteliers as possible so that they can give their guests an even better stay. Curious about what RoomRaccoon can do for you? Request a free trial!