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Are you happily supersizing?

Are you happily supersizing?

I bet you recognize one or both of these scenarios. 

A. You don’t always sell out your upgraded rooms (upgraded or premium rooms?)
B. You are not happy with paying OTA commissions on sold meal packages (like breakfast)

Not surprisingly, you are not alone in this. You would prefer to “upsell” that breakfast after the OTA booking was made to keep commissions in the pocket. But is front-desk always successfully upgrading to B&B during check-in, also regarding how this  feels at that time for the arriving guest, tired of the travel? Another typical scenario: superior rooms remain empty more often than standard rooms. How actively and successfully are you upgrading standards to superiors? And timely enough so that standard get a fair chance to be re-booked upon the upgrade?

I believe that all hoteliers should be actively offering timely, discounted upgrades to meal plans and superior rooms, because it will increase RevPAR (you will be selling both more rooms and increase the average paid rate per room)

As a part of our Pre-arrival messaging and Online Check-in, RoomRaccoon offers exactly the realtime available upgrades to guests, at your full discretion. Try it and find out why RoomRaccoon is the most complete, easiest and fastest growing PMS for independent hoteliers in the world.

Tymen van Dyl
Co-Founder RoomRaccoon