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Are you looking for handy and user-friendly software for your bed & breakfast? Then RoomRaccoon might be the solution you are looking for! Our Bed & Breakfast software contains three main separate programs. Namely a Property Management System, a Channel Manager and a Booking Engine. These programs complement each other perfectly so that you can get more profit with your bed & breakfast. Achieving a higher occupancy rate, less administration jobs, no more overbookings thanks to the Channel Manager and more direct bookings thanks to a booking option on your own website.

PMS software for B&B's

To keep all internal affairs neat, it is important to use a Property Management System. Do you still work with a paper or handwritten reservation book? Then quickly switch to a professional Property Management System. The most important advantage of a PMS is that you can save a lot of time and always (and everywhere) get access to the current data. All data is securely stored 'in the Cloud' and can be accessed from any type of device (such as iPhone, tablet or laptop). It is even possible to send invoices automatically, store customer preferences and send confirmations.

Bed & Breakfast Channel Manager

A Channel Manager is not only suitable for large(r) hotels, you can certainly use this as a bed and breakfast owner. With a Channel Manager you ensure that with minimal effort your rooms are offered on the most popular OTAs. This allows you to realize a higher occupancy rate and prevent overbooking. The channel manager ensures that the room availability is synchronized directly. So when a booking comes in through the booking module, the room availability is immediately adjusted to AirBnB, and Tripadvisor. With this you can really save a lot of time!

Effective booking module

Do you have a nice website for your bed & breakfast, but is it still difficult to get direct bookings? Then RoomRaccoon's bed and breakfast booking engine is the solution. With this handy tool visitors can directly book a room via your own website. The biggest advantage is that you do not incur extra costs for these direct bookings. Research has shown that the booking module of RoomRaccoon provides up to 27% more direct bookings. Do you have an old-fashioned contact form, or do visitors have to send an email to book a room? Make your life so much easier and take advantage of our Booking Engine now!

Happy customers

RoomRaccoon is incredibly easy to use. Your customer service is excellent and I could not recommend RoomRaccoon highly enough.


Gordon Redgrave Scott

Chelford B&B

The patience you have all shown has been outstanding and we are so grateful for the time you have spent to ensure we were comfortable with the end product.


Mark and Leigh Nevill

10to12 Folkestone

The system itself is very user-friendly, many times better than our excel sheets ;-) We hope to be successful for many years, thanks to the RoomRaccoon team.



Nieuw Uilenburg