Streamline Your Finances With Our Accounting Connectivity

Finance is a vital part of any operation, and we integrate with the industry's leading accounting solutions. By connecting your accounting software you eliminate error, cut unnecessary costs and save valuable time! 

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RoomRaccoon Yield Manager




Companies are obliged to keep their accounts and draw up detailed financial reports. Hoteliers usually spend around 20 Pounds per room every month to have their bookkeeper manually enter data into accounting systems such as Exact, Twinfield or Quickstart. It's time to save on your accounting costs!


How can you save costs on your bookkeeping?
RoomRaccoon can link with different accounting packages. With this link, your turnover will be transferred directly into your bookkeeping. Your accountant doesn't have to do this manually anymore! This allows your bookkeeper to save time so you can save costs.


How does the integration work?
Every night, all invoices are sent from your PMS to your bookkeeping. All components (accommodation, add-ons, taxes, etc) are split up and linked to the correct general ledger account. RoomRaccoon takes care of the entire setup (inventory of all relevant general ledger accounts, mapping & activation link) and of course, monitors the operation.


With which accounting packages do we link?


Don't have any of the above packages in use?
No problem! RoomRaccoon offers financial reports per general ledger account, which you can download per month and upload directly into your accounts.


With these reports, you have a comprehensive view of all the finances of your accommodation. For example, you can see at a glance what the conversions are from your accommodation and add-ons. With the help of this report, you no longer need to keep track of anything in a separate Excel file!


Good to know:
We work with a cash system and not with an invoice system. Our staff will be happy to tell you what the monthly costs are for using an accounting integration.


Want to start immediately?
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