RoomRaccoon's Story

The origins of RoomRaccoon are in the hotel industry. Founder Nadja is the owner of Bliss Hotel. A nice 4-star hotel with 9 rooms in the city centre of Breda. Her front desk works with a paper agenda, an Excel template for the invoices and she occasionally receives a double booking. She draws the conclusion that the front desk is labor-intensive and too many mistakes are made. It is time for professionalization.

The help of her friend Tymen is invoked. He has his own company in Software Development. He comes to the conclusion that there are three problems: The agenda management, the control of the channels where the bookings come in and the bookings via the own website can not be made directly. The available solutions do not address all three problems and are, above all, far too expensive for a hotel of this size. He starts to write software that addresses all 3 problems for Bliss Hotel, as simple as possible, with 1 login.

The software works for Bliss. Hotels in the area are also curious about the system. Soon it becomes clear that there is a lot of demand for the software that is now called RoomRaccoon. At the time of writing, RoomRaccoon is a successful company that grows considerably in lots of countries. At the moment the RoomRaccoon team is working hard to make sure we make the lives of as many hoteliers as easy as possible and give the guests a better stay.


Awards and Nominations

  • Premier Connectivity Partner 2019
  • Winner Breda Start-up Award 2018
  • Innovation Top 100 - Dutch Chamber of Commerce
  • Horecava Innovation Award 2017
  • Finalist Breda Start-up Award 2017
  • Finalist Hitec e20x
  • Winner Madeira Startup Retreat

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Nadja Buckenberger Co-Founder & Product Owner
Tymen van Dyl Co-Founder & CEO
Derk Martens Account Executive Netherlands
Babs van Hees Customer Success Netherlands
Ridhaa Kamaldien Customer success South Africa
Maria Gouveia Country Manager Portugal
Bruno Silva Country Manager Portugal
Gertjan van Wijk Marketing Engineer
Bart Haverkort Marketing Manager
Mark van der Heijden Engineer
Alessia Stevanato Country Manager Italy
Kobus Haarhuis Engineer
Thomas Miegielsen Developer
Joshua Wagner Customer success germany
Alexandra Wilken Finance